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XS Network Tech is committed to extending the useful life of IT network hardware and accessories, contributing to a circular economy, and reducing e-waste.

All used goods we resell undergo the below procedures prior to being listed for sale


1. Verification of Authenticity

  - We only buy hardware from trusted sources.

  - All devices are checked against manufacturer and industry recommended guidelines to ensure authenticity.


2. Cleaning

  - Our team disassembles and cleans all hardware, removing dust and dirt and ensuring internal components are in safe operating condition.


3. Testing

  - Our experienced lab engineers thoroughly test every component of the device, this includes:

      - Testing each port, including POE and Fibre ports

      - Diagnostics tests

      - Motherboard CMOS battery tests

      - Module compatibility and functionality tests

      - Device reset to factory defaults


What we do not do:

We do not refurbished hardware, meaning we do not buy broken goods and restore them to working condition. Nor do we repair any physical damage to devices.