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XS Network Tech can supply second hand servers at a fraction of the price of brand new Servers. Same day and next business day advanced replacement hardware warranties can be added to our server products, ensuring your mission critical systems are protected. Browse our site to find the server platform that is right for you or use the "Comments" section on our Quotes Request page to specify your requirements, our team will put together a server bundle based on your requirements. Purchasing second hand servers from XS Network Tech extends the useful life of the products whilst saving you and your business money.

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DELL - Rack Mount & Tower Servers

Discover the Best Deals on DELL Rack Mount & Tower Servers at Our Independent IT Infrastructure Supplier. Our Expert Sales Team Responds in 20 Minutes! Explore our Extensive Stock of New & Used Gear for Unbeatable Prices & Swift Lead Times. Request a Quote Now or Contact Us for Your IT Needs.

HPE - Rack Mount & Tower Servers

HPE ProLiant rack and tower servers are available in a variety of platforms to support different compute needs and workload

HPE ProLiant 10 series—Small Business Servers—Easy to buy and deploy

HPE ProLiant 100 series—Right-Sized Servers—Balance of performance, efficiency, capacity, and manageability

HPE ProLiant 300 series—Versatile Performance Servers—Industry-leading design with flexible choices for multiworkload compute and storage

HPE ProLiant 500 series—Scale-up Servers—Scalable performance for business-critical workloads

LENOVO - Rack Mount & Tower Servers

Lenovo's ThinkServer naming conventions reflect whether the server is a tower server or a rack server. First letter "T" is used to indicate tower servers, while "R" is used for rack servers, and "S" is storage rack server. Similarly, secondary letter "S" indicates single socket, while "D" indicates dual-socket.

The ThinkServer family has been discontinued in 2019, and the new family of Intel servers is named ThinkSystem.

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