Arista 7130 Series 96L with UltraScale VU7P-2 FPGA. Requires PSU/Fan kit sold separately.. MPN: DCS-7130-96L#

    Arista 7130 Series 96L with UltraScale VU7P-2 FPGA. Requires PSU/Fan kit sold separately.. MPN: DCS-7130-96L#

    Introducing the Arista 7130 Series 96L with UltraScale VU7P-2 FPGA. Requires PSU/Fan kit sold separately. | DCS-7130-96L#. XS Network Tech, your trusted Independent IT Infrastructure Supplier, offers swift response within 20 mins for quotes. Explore our extensive stock of new and used gear, ensuring unbeatable prices and lead times. Request a quote today or contact us for seamless solutions.

    Product Name: DCS-7130-96L

    Product Description:

    The DCS-7130-96L is a high-performance, versatile networking module designed to bring significant improvement in network performance and enhanced flexibility for end-users. Its state-of-art technology guarantees reliable, efficient, and high-speed networking operations. This network module is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing network infrastructure and provide an unprecedented level of performance.

    Key Features:

    • High performance: Optimized for high-speed data transmission and low latency.
    • Scalability: Supports a high volume of simultaneous connections for enhanced network capacity.
    • Flexibility: Compatible with a wide range of network architectures.
    • Reliability: Engineered for continuous operation, reducing the risk of network downtime.
    • Easy Management: Equipped with advanced management features for easy network administration.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Data Rate: High-speed data transmission with premium connectivity.
    • Port Configuration: Multiple port configurations for enhanced flexibility.
    • Power Consumption: Low power consumption for cost-effective operations.
    • Operating Temperature: Designed to function in diverse temperature conditions.
    • Protocol Support: Supports a broad range of network protocols for comprehensive performance.


    Question 1: What is the data transmission rate of the DCS-7130-96L?

    Answer: The DCS-7130-96L offers high-speed data transmission, though the specific rate may vary based upon your network setup and configurations.

    Question 2: Can the DCS-7130-96L support multiple simultaneous connections?

    Answer: Yes, the DCS-7130-96L is designed to support a high volume of simultaneous connections, enhancing your network capacity.

    Question 3: Is the DCS-7130-96L compatible with various network architectures?

    Answer: Yes, the DCS-7130-96L offers high compatibility with a wide range of network architectures.

    Question 4: How reliable is the DCS-7130-96L for continuous operation?

    Answer: The DCS-7130-96L is engineered for continuous operation and is aimed at reducing the risk of network downtime, making it highly reliable.

    Question 5: How easy is it to manage the network with the DCS-7130-96L?

    Answer: The DCS-7130-96L is equipped with advanced management features that make network administration simpler and more effective.

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