Cisco ISR 3945E w/ SPE250, 4GE, 3EHWIC, 3DSP, 4SM, 256MBCF, 2GBDRAM with IPBase, SEC and APP licenses - WAAS/vWAAS with 2500 connection RTU.

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    The Cisco 3900-AX ISR includes licenses for Data, Security, and WAAS Express (WAASX), and a RTU for 2500 WAAS or vWAAS connections. The Cisco 2911-AX includes a 1300 WAAS or vWAAS RTU license. You can use this RTU on any combination or multiples of modules for WAAS and/or vWAAS connections on the Cisco 2900-AX or 3900-AX Series Routers, respectively. The Cisco 1900-AX Series includes licenses for Data, Security, and WAASX.

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