Cisco MDS 9000 Family 18/4-Port Multiservice Module

    The Cisco MDS 9000 18/4-Port Multiservice Module (MSM) is optimized for deployment of high-performance SAN extension solutions, distributed intelligent fabric services, and cost-effective IP storage and mainframe connectivity in enterprise storage networks.The Cisco MDS 9000 18/4-Port Multiservice Module is supported in the Cisco MDS 9200 Series Multilayer Switches and MDS 9500 Series Multilayer Directors and offers 18 1-, 2-, and 4-Gbps Fibre Channel ports and 4 1-Gigabit Ethernet IP storage services ports. It provides multiprotocol capabilities, integrating, in a single-form-factor, Fibre Channel, Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP), Cisco Storage Media Encryption (SME), Cisco MDS 9000 I/O Accelerator (IOA), Cisco Storage Services Enabler (SSE), Small Computer System Interface over IP (iSCSI), IBM Fibre Connection (FICON), FICON Control Unit Port (CUP) management, Cisco MDS 9000 Extended Remote Copy (XRC) Acceleration, and switch cascading.

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