Cisco 1-Port Multichannel Enhanced Capability Port Adapter

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    The 1- and 2-port multichannel T3 port adapters for the Cisco 7200 Series Routers and Cisco 7301 Router are enhanced versions of the previous multichannel T3 port adapters (part numbers PA-MC-T3 and PA-MC-2T3+). The new port adapters address specific scalability challenges by increasing performance and lowering CPU usage. They offload advanced capabilities and features from the CPU, delivering them directly to meet enterprise and service provider WAN link-aggregation service requirements. Each port adapter T3 interface can be independently configured for either multichannel T3 or clear-channel packet-over-T3 operation. With T3 port configurations, connections to DS-3 and subrate DS-3 services can be provisioned. With multichannel T3 port configurations, up to 28 T1 links per T3 interface can be brought in on a singlewide port adapter. Each T1 can be further channelized to DS-0, making the port adapters highly flexible interfaces for WAN provisioning.

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